Located 90 minutes north of Toronto is a vast district of 1600 shimmering lakes, thundering waterfalls and sheer granite cliffs, aromatic pine forests and dense maple forests all wrapped in pure clean air from above sea level, in some areas 1200 ft. With its endless blue lakes, countless islands and stretches of sandy beaches Muskoka Lakes is the perfect setting for a pleasurable escape.

Throughout Muskoka is a network of multi-purpose trails, including the Trans-Canada Trail. Hikers, bikers, skiers, and snowmobilers find their delights in the trails of Muskoka. Once primarily a summer destination, Muskoka offers four seasons of natural beauty, wildlife, and entertainment.

Because of it's geographic location, its pristine natural environment and designated parks, and its proximity to lakes and to one of the most well-known provincial parks in Ontario - Algonquin Park, Muskoka has become a premier travel destination.

Huge white pines intended for ship building first brought settlers to Muskoka, but the natural beauty made it a tourist destination as early as the 1870s. Year-round visual delights and recreational pursuits keep visitors coming back.

Muskoka Weather - Up to date weather forecast for the Muskoka District as issued by Environment Canada.,, are excellent starting points for finding just about everything Muskoka.

Zip Lining - Zip lines, Monkey Walks and Outdoors Fun


Muskoka's many museums are a vibrant testimony to this district's rich and varied history. A visit to any one of them evokes memories of bygone eras and brings the past alive.


Muskoka's Arts & Culture community is as diverse as the landscape. Download a copy of the Muskoka Arts and Culture Guide. Be sure to leave time to visit the studios and galleries.


Gravenhurst Opera House & Arts Centre - One of Muskoka's most significant landmarks is the heart of cultural activities, featuring both local and commercial entertainment year-round.

Musical Shows at Deerhust Resort - A musical revue show boasts dance and stunning visuals that will stimulate your passions, tickle your funny bone and excite your night with the fun of live entertainment.

Muskoka's most famous night spot - The Kee To Bala! Enjoy the fun and the music and featuring kee concerts.


Spectacular courses carved from the northern wilderness, rugged landscape, beautiful scenery, and clean fresh air, golfing in Muskoka is an extraordinary experience. Visit


Lady Muskoka Cruises - The 200 passenger Lady Muskoka invites you to sit back, relax and enjoy the incredible beauty of Muskoka.

The Muskoka Fleet ~ The RMS Segwun, Wenonah II, and the Wanda III offer cruises on all three of the major Muskoka Lakes. Book a variety of cruises and include lunch or dinner by reservation.


Guided tours or trip planning for any outdoor adventure in the Algonquin Park and Muskoka areas.


Muskoka has a mystical quality that calls you to experience the rugged beauty of the area. The region offers four seasons of natural beauty. Muskoka offers unlimited options for families to enjoy their vacation and each other. Don't miss out on the fun - Muskoka is home to some of the top 50 festivals in Ontario.


Bracebridge Chamber of Commerce - Natural beauty abounds in Bracebridge. The Muskoka Lakes, rivers, waterfalls (all 22 of them!) and the numerous waterfront recreational and historical parks make Bracebridge a delightful experience.

Gravenhurst Chamber of Commerce - Gravenhurst is Muskoka's answer to the legendary Garden of Eden. There is a certain magic...a romantic seductiveness that brings people back time and again.

Huntsville/Lake of Bays Chamber of Commerce, for everything you ever wanted to know about Huntsville and Lake of Bays.

West Muskoka Chamber of Commerce, providing visitors with information on attractions, community issues, accommodation and special events for Port Carling and Bala.

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