Inn At The Falls Bracebridge Muskoka

The "Main Inn" was originally a Victorian private residence built by English stonemasons in the mid 1870's. William C. Mahaffy, a land surveyor, purchased the property some 10 years later. In 1888 he was appointed the first District Judge of the area and his home and family became an integral part of the social and economic history of Muskoka.

Many distinguishing features of the old structure have been preserved including the century old fireplace in the Parlor, with its distinctive "Egg and Dart" design, and the carved wooden bannister in the main entrance. The foundation walls of the main inn are over three feet thick.

In 1943, the home was converted to an Inn and has undergone extensive renovations and mechanical upgrades.

Inn GardenThe Inn is a "ghostly" Inn, home to numerous ghosts, three of whom are affectionately know as Charlie, sarah and Bob. They are friendly spirits and tend to keep mostly to themselves. Bob inhabits the kitchen area, Charlie the upstairs corridors and Sarah can be heard rustling through the "Carriage Room" on occassion.

Today, the Inn comprises of the Mahaffy residence and 6 homes, which were acquired over the years and are housed on an entire cul du sac.

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